Editor’s Note

After creating the first issue of Ubikwist that resonated with most people, I thought of Escape. My desire is for you, the reader, to find yourself in these pages and for you to connect with the stories and images to create your own world.

Ubikwist#2-ZuzuThis Escape issue is a combination of visuals and stories tied to an emotion, a feeling, a fantasy, a dream, a memory, a thought about life and its experiences. I want you to feel these stories viscerally, aesthetically and emotionally. I want to tear down the limitations of self-expression, allowing you to flip through these pages and be amazed by the work of the artists featured. Through the beauty and power of their creations, I hope to invoke feelings of liberation.

As Editor-in-Chief, I have had the pleasure of leading a team of talented and creative individuals. Our aim is to transport readers to a surreal world, one which they will inexplicably connect with. The industry is changing, oftentimes real art is Ubikwist#2-Mari & Esthercompromised for commercial interests. Thus, it is my duty to champion unique self-expression.

The inspiration for this issue came from the different art forms employed by the artists featured here who use their work to escape. I wanted to create a body of work that reflected the beauty and imperfections of art. It was important that this issue was not just pages of pictures and stories, but rather personal experiences that people can relate to.

I would like to thank everyone who made this issue possible. I hope that as you read this issue, it will inspire your own artistic spirit. May Escape engross you in the world that you have always dreamed of going to.

Giannie Couji




Page 11: Zuzu:Music

by Gary Powell, Photographs by AL & K


Page 136:Hindi Zahra:Music

by Jill Jones Photographs by Alexia Silvagni









Hindi Zahra




Page 118:Matamba Kombila:Film

by Roger Joseph, Photograph by Christian Kilrain Carter Coleman










Matamba Kombila





Page 238:Sulekha Ebelle:Film

by Nana Blankson, Photograph by Christian Kilrain Carter Coleman

Sulekha Ebelle










Page 36:Blanca Li:Dance

by Stephane Gaboue, Photographs by Jean-Baptiste Mondino












Blanca Li




Page 148:William Briscoe:Dance

by Mutale Kanyanta, Photographs by Richard Stuart Perkins






William Briscoe






Page 26:Mode 2:Art

by Kay One Backmann

Mode 2


Page 54:Jean-Paul Goude:Art

by Steven Tate

Jean-Paul Goude

Page 74:Marjan Vayghan:Art

by Warren Reich, Photographs by Betina La Plante


Marjan Vayghan



Page 168:Ayman Baalbaki:Art

by Steven Tate













Ayman Baalbaki

Page 194:Sophia Dawson:Art

by Steven Tate














Sophia Dawson


Page 20:Marie Hudelot:Art

by Stephane Gaboue

Marie Hudelot

By Belinda Becker

Zak Ové




Page 242:Beauty

Photographs by Inaki Concept and Make Up by Topolino